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Andrea Quinn

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In episode 24, we’re doing something a little different as we talk to empowerment activist, Andrea Quinn. As a life and business coach, she is an expert in facilitating the conversation around women and our ability to be resilient and persevere. Since starting her business in 2006, Quinn has put together nine tools (The Quinn Essentials) to awaken greatness and allow women to sustainably live in their power. She explains that although these times may feel uncertain, the truth is that nothing has ever been certain and that our greatest tools for navigation have always been our intuition and gut instincts. The challenge, of course, is to learn how to listen to these internal cues independent of hesitation or doubt. In this episode you’ll get insights from Quinn, as she is committed to stopping unhelpful narratives of the mind and instead refocusing attention to a healthy relationship to ourselves. We talk about fear, money and our relationship to it, a new way of self-acceptance and how to align ourselves with the abundance and happiness we crave — especially when we learn to trust ourselves and support one another as a unified front.


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