Ashley Greene Khoury

Ashley Greene Khoury

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In Episode 18 we’re talking to Ashley Greene Khoury as she explains how her career has evolved since moving to Hollywood at the age of 17. Fresh from Jacksonville, FL, she dove into the acting scene and in only two short years landed a role in one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, Twilight. Past that life changing role, Ashley made it a priority to develop her voice and maintain creative control over her choices as an actress by staying in alignment with projects she believes in. We listen as she tells us why the set of Bombshell was unlike any other and she explains how the continuing shift in the industry, along with her own beliefs about self-love and self-image, have empowered her to honor her truest self. We learn about Ashley’s healthy work/life balance with her husband, Paul, how she maintains a healthy outlook, and how she pays it forward by continuing to support and empower those around her. Most impressively, she’s made it a point to be involved with different charities in order to be a voice for women who don’t have the privilege of being able to use their own.


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