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Ben Lyons

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Episode 13 pushes us past some Coronavirus technical challenges and further into the realm of connecting and podcasting from the safety of our own homes. Fellow podcaster, entertainment reporter, ally, and sportscaster (just to name a few of his endeavors) Ben Lyons, sits down with us to share his wisdom, perspective, and driving force both in front of and behind the camera. His podcast, The Festival Rules, is the result of one of many longstanding and fruitful partnerships he has cultivated. We talk about what distinguishes a great interview from a mediocre one, the kind of discipline it requires to most effectively consume and create content, and why being present wherever you are is the real key to both success and happiness. We get to hear stories about the legendary men in his family that paved the way for so many in the industry and learn the unique ways in which their legacy lives on and continues to inspire him on a daily basis.


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