Life Letters, By Alyshia Ochse


Life Letters, with its monthly focus, guides and empowers you to evolve your life in a positive manner. This program is the “next level of living” you might not even know you’ve been seeking!


I believe in signs, but we can only see the signs when we are aware of our questions or quest. The outside world has too much influence in shaping our identities, and when we rely too heavily on external influences, we can lose our way. The truest answers to our most pressing questions often come from within, but sometimes our inner voice is the hardest one to hear.

I began my journey for life’s answers out of desperation to hear that voice. I was curious about the woman I could become—if only I were brave enough to listen to my internal voice. I am a seeker of personal evolution. The process which I call Life Letters developed out of a time when I didn’t really know myself, when I felt both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by my own existence. Life Letters gave—and continues to give me—the proper focus to explore different aspects of myself. Life Letters fosters pursuit of self-fulfillment in a simple, manageable way via specially focused letters written to ourselves just once a month. For me—and, I hope, for you—they mean all the difference between missing and seeing life’s most amazing signs.


Life Letters Workshop

December 6th, 2020 from 11:00AM2:00PM PST

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