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Carolina Groppa

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We’re settling into social distancing together in our 14th episode with producer Carolina Groppa. Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and now taking LA by storm, this former actress/dancer expresses the importance of continuing to honor her inner artist as she blazes her own unique trail as a producer. Her first step was to produce a play and since then she’s gone on to produce Whitney Cummings directorial feature debut The Female Brain and the 2017 Emmy nominated documentary Autism in Love which explores how adults with autism find and navigate romantic relationships, to name a few! We listen in as Groppa expounds on her mindful approach in regard to problem solving in real time and the value she places on creating a safe space and a sense of unity on her sets. We delve into the messy parts of life as well and how the natural lulls and challenges that arise can be utilized as a catalysts for expanded spirituality, cultivating one’s own tribe of collaborators, and the creation of Groppa’s very own podcast Life With Caca.


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