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Courtney Hoffman

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Episode 26 drops in with very lauded former costume designer turned burgeoning director, Courtney Hoffman. We listen as she explains how she worked her way up from the bottom of the costume department to eventually lead the department on sets such as The Hateful Eight, Captain Fantastic, and Baby Driver. We discuss her directorial debut short, The Good Time Girls, the grueling process of actually getting a film made, and empathize around her process of realizing she wanted to be a director (especially after working on 40 films, 38 of which were directed by men). We ask about the new database for female filmmakers, Free The Bid, what it’s been like for her to witness the legend that is Alma Har’el in action, and the disparity between talking about pushing gender parity forward and actually making it a reality. At last, Hoffman makes it clear she doesn’t classify herself as someone who just makes art for art’s sake. By “creating characters with a cultural pervasiveness that really penetrate society” there is a unique opportunity to further familiarize herself with this intersection of art and commerce — a place where female filmmakers will undoubtedly continue to make themselves quite at home.


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