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Erica Huggins

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Veteran executive and producer, Erica Huggins, sits down with us for episode 29 to discuss her successive rise in the entertainment industry, what her time was like as President of Imagine Entertainment, and her current role as President of Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions. Starting with the dream of making documentaries that quickly led to her debut as a young film editor, Huggins soon expanded into producing. Growing up in LA and raised by two shrinks, the groundwork had already been laid for the development of her distinct voice and poignant point of view. She shares with us the types of changes she has implemented in the culture both at work and on screen, and reveals the key attributes she looks for when scouting emerging talent. Huggins believes in fostering an undercurrent of trust in the people she surrounds herself with more than anything else, which has proven to create an ever expanding bubble of possibility and open-mindedness. Make no doubt, she is at the forefront of making positive change in these unprecedented times. To top it off, she also happens to make a damn good cup of coffee.


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