Inbar Lavi & Kelly Walker

Inbar Lavi & Kelly Walker

Inbar Lavi & Kelly Walker 1920 1080 The Her Voice Podcast

Episode 16 is a double banger walking us down the star-aligned path of friendship between artists Inbar Lavi (Imposters, Lucifer) and Kelly Walker (My Fiona, Swamp Thing). Respectively hailing from Israel and Australia, these two ladies grew up worlds apart, but upon meeting they realized they had far more in common than first meets the eye. Their friendship has continued to thrive in support of each other’s artistic endeavors, serving as mirrors for one another – sometimes challenging, but always with the common goal of emboldening their highest selves and holding each other accountable to continue to reach for their dreams. In a city where these kinds of relationships aren’t always easy to come by, listening to them speak about their experiences thus far, both unique and similar, reminds us that love is expansive and comes in many different forms.

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