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Jennifer Morrison

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Actress, director, and producer Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time, This is Us) joins us for episode 31 and takes us behind the scenes of her television directorial debut for HBO’s Euphoria. Her work ethic, determination, and passion are just a few of the reasons she’s had the career path she has, and these qualities have made it easy for the people around her to bet on who she is as a person and an artist in lieu of a long track record as a director. This has clearly paid off in spades as she continues to find ways to overcome intimidation and move forward with every new challenge. She talks about finding the balance with acting and directing, how she navigates different kinds of energy on set, and how important it is to have a DP in your corner. She also speaks about the responsibility we have as artists to dream up possible positive futures and to imagine solutions on the other side of conflict as a culture and a society. She stresses the importance of community and love as integral to what we do. “There’s a different level of exceptional that you have to reach for if you’re going to tell a story with a happy ending,” says Morrison — and that’s a pretty accurate description of where she is living at the present in this conversation.


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