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Karena Evans

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Episode 23 graces us with the major talent and old soul that is Canadian born director and actor, Karena Evans. We begin by hearing about her hands on, practical and driven approach to directing music videos. Her innate understanding of story, combined with a desire to learn how to communicate that technically, propelled her to take a significant leap of faith by seeking out renowned Director X early on. She quickly gained an internship, and through understanding his process, was able to break into the scene and establish herself. Having directed videos for artists like Drake and Coldplay, and with her career expanding into film and TV, she explains — “I don’t really consider myself an activist, however I do feel that art is a form of activism, and we need to continue telling the stories that we’re interested in telling, and tell the stories that will move humanity forward.” In this episode you’ll learn how Evan’s “inherently black, inherently female” perspective is expanding the female gaze, why representation is so important, and the strength in her commitment to authentic storytelling.


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