Kimberly McCullough

Kimberly McCullough

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Episode 10 fades in with former actress turned director Kimberly McCullough. After being on General Hospital since the tender age of 7, McCullough found herself directing her first film at just 16 years old. Although she claimed many accolades as an actress, this film lit a fire that would lead her into a career as a highly versatile and accomplished director in her own right. She attributes this sensibility to being surrounded by intense and powerful female roles models. McCullough has had the moxie to learn how to direct many different genres of television and was able to discover what she loved along the way. She touches on the importance of women in positions of power being the rule and not the exception, and the next steps that need to be taken in order to continue on this trend. Aside from fighting for and empowering women from the director’s chair, McCullough has a two year old with whom she is also exploring uncharted territory in regards to basic women’s rights in the workplace. She makes it abundantly clear that we are stronger together, there’s room enough for everyone at the table, and that it’s our job as adults to listen to the younger generation.


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