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Mark Kassen

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Episode 19 gives us plenty of insight with actor and filmmaker, Mark Kassen, as he discusses his many endeavors — encompassing not only film and television, but also the tech world, healthcare, and even politics, as of late. He describes the through line of his career as the maximization of voice and intrinsically merges many tools of technological empowerment to carry out his and others’ visions. Kassen’s company, Like Minded Media Ventures, focuses on true stories, social causes, and science- bridging the gap between art and technology. This company remains in line with Kassen’s crusade and allows him to continue to evolve as both a creative and a business mind. “What are the barriers for entry moving forward?”, he asks. This is the question at the helm of his operation that he is continually and impressively tackling in a myriad of different of ways.


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