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Milena Govich

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We’re ringing in episode 30 with the multi-talented Director/Producer (along with actor, violinist, dancer), Milena Govich. Since taking a one way ticket from Oklahoma to NYC, and landing on Broadway very shortly thereafter, she has taken a number of impressive pivots in her career. From getting her break in Broadway’s Cabaret to starring as the only female detective on the original Law and Order series AKA “the only chick with a gun”, Govich made her mark as an actor. She also knew she had a desire to direct, and has since pivoted full time after gaining acceptance into AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, where she continued on to build a body of work as a professional director on shows like Chicago Med and FBI (where she served as it’s Producing Director). Govich expresses never falling out of love with anything and instead becoming more curious and clear about additional pursuits–the importance of surrounding herself with people who encourage this type of expansion and collaboration is crucial in her opinion. For the romantics out there, she originally met her composer husband while singing his music and she shares how they work together to bolster one other and push past their comfort zones. At the end of the day, Govich believes that limiting beliefs are just that, and she hopes her journey encourages other people to take big risks and lead with love.


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