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Rain Valdez

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In episode 7, we listen as Rain Valdez describes how island fever lit the inner fire and curiosity she needed to transition from her childhood playground that was Guam to the ongoing adventure that is now Los Angeles. She expresses the joy she’s cultivating by living in a way that leaves space for the unknown, and the importance of getting quiet enough to hear what your inner voice has to say. She shares what it was like working on the wildly popular show “Transparent”, the importance of being fully seen, and how they supported her own dreams of becoming a filmmaker. We also discuss the different ways in which Hollywood is making an effort to change the narrative around transgender artists and how starting an LGBTQ acting class has moved the needle even further within her own community. Lastly, Rain muses about what her dream acting role would be, why Rom-Coms and Disney films are way more powerful than than you might think, and why identifying, promoting, and uplifting transgender stories is both a universally beneficial and crucial cause.


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