Sabrina Jaglom

Sabrina Jaglom

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During this trying time with COVID-19, episode 11 delivers us an emboldening conversation with writer, director, producer extraordinaire Sabrina Jaglom. We delve into her intuitively creative nature fostered from an early age, her less than conventional parents, and the unique path that continues to foster her voice and vision. She hales from Los Angeles, has studied in New York, London and Prague to name a few, and is now working full time in pursuit of her dreams. We listen in on her experiences working with Nancy Meyers, her time in the tv/film development world, and when she finally felt confident enough to fully claim and take credit for her accomplishments to date. We go on to discuss the complementary juxtaposition of directing film/music videos vs. theatre, how one finds the right representation, and the importance of working with people you’re naturally drawn to. One of the projects we’re most excited to see from Jaglom is the short form documentary series ‘Girl Problems’ which will shine a light on women’s issues around the world. She also wraps up by describing restrictions as something to be utilized, which is exactly the message we needed to hear right about now.

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