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In our 8th episode, actress Sarah Carter (Falling Skies, Rogue) describes how her Canadian roots instilled a deep reverence for oneness and community from an early age while simultaneously pushing her to seek new environments (Los Angeles) that encouraged her to further define her own individuality and unique voice. As time has progressed, her practice and perspectives continue to deepen and we listen as she reminiscences about self-matrimony and the gift that is self-love. We explore her outlet as a musician and hear how putting melodies to her poetry allowed her to more anonymously revel in the purity of expressing herself. She sheds light on shadow work, the power of letting go as an artist, and expresses her thoughts around how to include men in the conversation around gender parity. We also delve into what it looks like to be in the director’s chair as a woman who leads and holds space in a purely feminine way. You just might come away from this conversation with a deeper faith in the divine order of things and a warm assurance that life’s got your back.


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