Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby

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Episode 21 cashes in with all around boss lady Shiri Appleby. We all know her from shows like Roswell and Unreal, but her formidable career as a director is the main focus here, along with the mindful co-creation of her gorgeous and loving family with partner and restauranteur, Jon Shook. Although she started working at the tender age of 3, it wasn’t until her thirties that she saw a feasible first hand image of a female director. Up until that point, she had envisioned herself marrying a director, not becoming one herself — and this is the turning point where things get very interesting! We discuss how being an actor is an entrepreneurial pursuit, how her relationship to directing has evolved throughout the years, and the specific quirks that have helped her direct herself in the moments when these two paths have intersected. This conversation reveals most specifically the importance of being mindful and intentional with ones goals, and why the word “no” can be a valuable gift and even more fuel for the creative fire.


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