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Sujata Day

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Sujata Day (The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Insecure) is here with us for episode 27 and brings with her no shortage of knowledge and inspiration. Fresh from directing her first feature (Definition Please), Day explains to us the perks of writing for, directing, and finding a way to fund and raise money for her own projects. She’s had several doors open from the film festival circuit, Sundance in particular, now serving as a Sundance Collab advisor. Showcasing more than a few perks that come along with having her own skin in the game as a filmmaker, she makes it a point to banish any belief in possible missteps. She’s had several projects lead her in directions she never saw coming and is now an HBO visionary ambassador for Asian American filmmakers. You can even find her on the stage as part of the Asian AF improv group at UCB in her spare time. She may not look Indian enough to book Indian roles according to Hollywood’s standard (a ridiculous notion), but she’s certainly not letting that deter her in any way from utilizing her voice and effecting change in a lasting way.


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