Suzanne Weinert

Suzanne Weinert

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In episode 15, we mosey down south to Austin, Texas to check in with writer, producer and director, Suzanne Weinert. She shares her adventures from around the world including but not limited to her early days in NYC and LA, being a judge at Mammoth Film Festival, and even attending writing retreats in New Zealand as of late. Her first job in the industry was as an assistant to Ron Howard and then went on to work with Julia Roberts for 7 years – which set the bar for her career pretty high straight out of the gate. She eventually made her way to Texas and after serving on the board of The Austin Film Society for many years, she also sits on the board of SXSW and has now made the jump to directing her own material. With heaps of skill and a knack for knowing how to make people laugh and/or cry, she has a huge heart for helping others or “paying it backwards” as she refers to it. Her motto in 2020 is to see things exactly as they are and with the knowledge she imparts, we’d say our listeners are in for a healthy dose of crystal vision.

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