Tanner Beard & Tomik Mansoori

Tanner Beard & Tomik Mansoori

Tanner Beard & Tomik Mansoori 1920 1080 The Her Voice Podcast

The Co-Founders of our very own Mammoth Film Festival™ make a special visit to the studio for episode 34 to discuss how we all got here in the first place! Tanner Beard and Tomik Mansoori are a dynamic duo to say the least, and in this conversation we learn about how their pasts have brought them together to converge at a uniquely complementary center point. Mansoori’s past in experiential marketing coupled with Beard’s success as a filmmaker on the festival scene around the world has provided them both with valuable perspective from which to build the base of their shared vision in Mammoth. They love a healthy challenge and this is abundantly clear in all of their ventures together! We discuss what they look for in film submissions, why it felt important to create a female filmmaker initiative in Her Voice, and where they’d like to see the festival in years to come. We also reflect upon how working together as a team has opened our minds as creatives in our industry and as humans who share the passion to create and showcase content that serves to both move and unite its audience.

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