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Tara Miele

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We are wrapping up the season with our 35th episode and some of our biggest and most favorite takeaways of episodes past. We’re also talking to the lovely writer and director, Tara Miele. We jump right in to learn about her process and how Miele has been navigating the industry since her early days in school and screening her first ever short film at Slamdance. We talk about the moment she started to feel seen as a female filmmaker, where she met her husband, and the balance she strikes between writing and directing her own feature films and directing episodic television. In her latest film Wander Darkly, starring Sienna Miller and Diego Luna, she depicts a couple that “felt like the best of times and the worst of times” and explains how through the lens of grief and loss she hopes to open people up to a shared sense of humanity and understanding. Miele leaves us with several apropos pieces of wisdom, and one that feels particularly fitting to close: “Time is short, your voice is essential, and you have to use it now.”

Thank you to our listeners for your support and we hope you enjoyed these past 35 conversations as much as we did.

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