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Tara Wood

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Episode 22 with return guest, Tara Wood, is a round two worth listening to for a myriad of reasons. Wood has carved out a very unique path for herself as a documentary filmmaker. She has a knack for picking out fascinating subjects and arriving at deeper truths. From Linklater, to Tarantino, to (shhh… it’s a secret) next on the docket — Wood has found a multitude of compelling ways to humanize larger than life figures, who we usually only find behind the camera. An artist from a young age, she planted seeds that today have grown into her very own Wood Entertainment. We delve into what kind of criteria has driven her along this path, circle back to the Harvey in the equation, and explore what it means to acquire and distribute a film after it’s been made. “I’ve overcome a lot because I’ve stared it in the face and kept going”, she says. Wood’s interview is a strong reminder of the power of persistence, how to be an effective advocate for women, and one’s innately valuable ability to press on.


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