Theo Dumont

Theo Dumont

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For episode 32, we sit down with the multitalented, Theo Dumont. Dumont is managing partner at Alta Global Media and the Co-Founder/Co-Director of the Oscar-Qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival and co-founder of the Mammoth Film Festival as well as the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival. He walks us through his transition to Los Angeles from his early years as a publicist in Miami Beach and explains what originally drew him into this profession. He also tells us about the impetus for starting Hollyshorts and how it’s changed since the dawning of the fully virtual festival experience. We discuss the necessary changes and pivots that continue to take place in the current political climate and get curious about Dumont’s plans to expand further into developing and producing future projects himself. From before and especially since the successful premiere of BlacKkKlansman at Cannes with his client and mentor, Academy Award-winning director Spike Lee, Dumont has been steadily walking on solid ground.


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